The detection method of HPMC Tgel

The detection method as below:
1. Application equipment:
CJJ8-1 magnetic heating stirrer, magnetic rod, beaker, glass rod, precision thermometer
2. Materials and reagents:
HPMC (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) sample, purified water
3. Operation steps:
3.1 Take 0.1 g of HPMC sample, place it in a 250 ml beaker, inject 20-30 ml of heated purified water (80-90 ° C), stir well, and then inject purified water at room temperature to 100 ml (ie 0.1% aqueous solution);
3.2 Stir well, after cooling, put magnetic rod in a large beaker (1000ml) which has been heated by the magnetic heating stirrer;
3.3 The sample in the beaker of 250ml begins from turbid gel to a completely turbid gel, reading the temperature interval value, which is the gel temperature of the sample.

Post time: Mar-20-2019